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HVAC Test & Balance

A variety of instruments are used for testing and adjusting the air and water moving through a system so that the desired amount of air and water is delivered to the right places in order to achieve Engineered Design Intent. Uncontrolled water and air flow rates result in fluctuating temperatures. A full HVAC Test and balance reduces maintenance costs, increases energy efficiency, creates comfortable, healthy environments and prolongs the life of your HVAC equipment

Life Safety Testing

Life Safety Testing is crucial to ensure that the system is up to date with the current codes and functioning properly. CSA will perform a thorough test of your life safety equipment to make certain that in the case of an emergency, the detection, notification, and control functions in the building protect the occupants and preserve human lives. We are certified in life safety inspecting and provide a comprehensive life safety report expeditiously.

HVAC Test Analysis Report

Performance Testing of existing heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment is a must to determine why your building system is not performing to design capacities. We can identify operating problems, determine systems capacities, and make recommendations to improve energy efficiency and keep  your building healthy.

Critical Room Certifications

AIA Ventilation requirements in Critical rooms and Operating rooms are set by each State Health Department. Pressure relationships and air changes per hour should be tested, adjusted and certified on a yearly basis.

Stairwell Pressurization

Required by code in high rise buildings, Stairwell Pressurization Testing keeps exit routes smoke free in the event of a fire. Correct air pressure relationships ensure doors open and close appropriately and ensure that your facilities occupants can exit safely during an emergency.

Duct Leak Testing

Duct leak testing is required by code to ensure energy efficiency. Pressurizing the air ducts discovers whether or not they were installed and sealed correctly. Properly sealed ducts save energy and reduce noise.


Building Commissioning (Cx) is the process of verifying all sub-systems of new construction. We can assist the Cx in verifying the HVAC Systems duct leak tests, test and balance and life safety testing.

Kitchen Hood Certifications

We provide a thorough test and inspection of Commercial Kitchen Hoods and Exhaust systems including Capture & Containment Tests. Testing should occur to stay in compliance with local authorities and ensure the safety of workers and occupants.


Retro-Commissioning is the same process as Commissioning above but on existing buildings. This is recommended to ensure energy efficiency and prevent “sick buildings” from developing.

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